What exactly is mindfulness? Because it has precious little to do with the pretty women sitting on beaches with their eyes closed who are usually used to illustrate articles on the subject. The only way to explain is to suggest you try. Right now. Close your eyes and bring your attention into your body, to the sensation of your feet on the ground; the movements of your breath, the expansion of your rib cage. Stay with these tiny physical sensations. Patiently. Without getting cross with yourself for getting distracted. Try it for two minutes.


It’s been a pretty rotten week for women and tech. First GitHub finds no wrongdoing, then the CEO and Chairman of the Board of a just-about-to-IPO company beats his girlfriend savagely and remains in the seat of power. These incidents demonstrate systematic misogyny.

For a long time I’ve…

I am a feminist because I believe that all people are equal. Being less equal has devastating consequences.